EMCEE supplies a full line of accessories and RF sub-systems to compliment your transmitter installation.  Utilizing the resources and products from authorized EMCEE partner companies we can provide the following products:

  • Transmit & Receive Antennas
  • Transmission Line & Connectors
  • Simple and Critical Mask Filters For VHF & UHF
  • Transmitter Combiners
  • Patch Panels
  • Line Conditioners
  • Encoders & Multiplexers
  • Modulators & De-Modulators
  • PSIP Generators
  • Baseband Processors
  • Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Frequency Converters & Repeaters
  • Pre-Amplifiers

Contact the factory or your authorized EMCEE representative about additional products and accessories.​

broadcast accessories

Broadcast Filters & Combiners
A wide variety of filters and combiners for Broadcast and MMDS applications is available.  Contact the factory for specific application and configuration details for your needs.

UHF Mask Filter


DRP-2000 Digital Regenerative 

The EMCEE DRP-2000 is a sophisticated but low-cost fully featured transport stream processor. RF input supports 8VSB (ATSC A.53), other world outputs (optional). 

Broadcast DTV Pre-Amplifiers
PA-20 Pre-Amplifiers, the best DTV pre-amp in the industry!  Choose from 50Ω or 75Ω VHF/UHF versions.

DTV Low Noise VHF Pre-Amplifier

DTV Low Noise UHF Pre-Amplifier


Available from Wireless Acquisition LLC

Broadcast Products

*New Product*

SAK-1000 Versatile Digital Broadcast Processor

The EMCEE SAK100 stands alone in the US Broadcast equipment industry as a versatile digital broadcast transport stream processor. The processor is designed to be the silent partner that allows broadcasters to take virtually any transport stream input signal and convert it to an output signal that is fully integrated into the station’s existing infrastructure.

*New Product*