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1KW Worldwide Analog Agile VHF
‚ÄčTV Transmitter Rack Mount Form

1KW Analog VHF TV Transmitter in Fly Away Cases

worldwide agile vhf transmitters

EMCEE provides specially designed transmitters for versatile and demanding applications.  Built tough for rugged military use in the VHF bands, our modulation agile and frequency agile TTV Series VHF transmitters are the perfect solution for getting on the air quickly anytime, and anywhere.  Our portable transmitters are also the perfect solution for traditional broadcasters who need a temporary transmitter solution.

Military applications include psychological warfare and television propaganda transmission applications, transmission of military/defense media, and portable or airborne television transmission. 

EMCEE fully agile transmitters are capable of transmitting on any world analog modulation standard and on any world standard frequency.  Exclusive EMCEE features allow for easy operation and quick setup, they are also DIGITAL READY.

EMCEE is the world leader in portable and fly-away television transmission equipment.

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