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The HSD Series single transmitter is the most advanced and flexible MMDS/EBS/BRS transmitter on the market. It's competitive pricing, wide range of available power and world class technology make it the transmitter of choice for experienced network operators. Learn more

​The HSDM Series multi-channel transmitters represent the pinnacle in performance and features of an MMDS transmitter. It's 20 year design life yields outstanding reliability even in the most challenging environments. Learn more


The MSE Series is the industry standard for outdoor MMDS repeaters. Available in versions up to 1-25 watts composite power with AGC, it provides a reliable means to extend the coverage or fill gaps in the coverage of MMDS networks. Learn more

​The EMCEE pre-amplifier family provides a versatile selection of system pre-amplifier options for applications including repeater input signal boost, receive antenna signal improvement and increasing system link range. Learn more


The USC Series single and multi-channel receives provide a means for frequency conversion of up-stream carriers in two-way MMDS systems. Learn more

​Single cell and multi-cell point-to-multipoint systems can be engineered to provide high speed transfer for data services including internet access, wireless local area networking, Voice over IP (VoIP), Video of IP and Video on Demand. A typical installation will support thousands of high speed data network customers. Learn more

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​Multi-Point Broadband Products

EMCEE provides the world's most complete line of MMDS, EBS, BRS and WCS RF network products.  The EMCEE HSD Series transmitter design platform is the most flexible configuration available from any transmitter supplier.  The HSD Series platform is based on over 40 years of design enhancements which include scalable output power using truly broadband amplifiers, built-in frequency agility, precision frequency lock, built-in power supply redundancy and unmatched serviceability.

HSD Series transmitters accommodate a complete range of digital and analog modulations, and are available for world wide deployments from 1.9 to 3.7 GHz for use in video, voice and data networks.  Transmitter models are available for single channel or multi-channel configurations.  A full selection of low-loss channel filters and combiners are available in conjunction with complete transmission line and antenna solutions.

Our complete family of S-Band repeaters provide the capability of filling signal into areas not serviceable from the main transmitter station.  EMCEE offers repeaters (gap fillers) in configurations from 100mW to over 1KW of output power in both indoor and outdoor models.

Complete design and integration services are available from EMCEE.  Our application engineering staff can provide complete performance and coverage modeling to optimize the system design with the intended market area.

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