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EMCEE is a world leader in broadcast transmission systems designed to distribute over the air programming for educational purposes.  Programming can be analog video, digital video, or data services.  EMCEE's educational transmission systems can be found throughout the world providing reliable service to colleges and universities, primary and secondary school districts, hospitals, and remote learning centers. Systems can be designed as one-way or two-way interactive and can incorporate high-speed data as well.

Television in the classroom.

SEEING IS BELIEVING.  In many situations, seeing is remembering, too.  Research suggests that a person remembers about twice as much when they see and hear something as when they only see or hear it. Thus, televisions' "multiple modes" or combination of images and sound have proven to be an influential aid in the learning process, resulting in more motivated students and improved learning outcomes.

When South Carolina Educational TV network needed a vendor to supply over 400 transmitters for a statewide Educational Television Network, they chose EMCEE for the job. 

Today, EMCEE remains the premier provider of educational television broadcast networks throughout the world.

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