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EMCEE provides special applications communications products and broadcast systems for Government services and Military implementations for the mobile battlefield.

EMCEE is a NATO and US Department of Commerce approved vendor, and maintains U.S./CANADA joint certification for militarily critical technical data.  EMCEE provides secure facilities which are qualified for various levels of security clearance.  Our CAGE CODE is 4APV9.

Military applications include tactical radio applications, wireless data networking solutions, microwave communications, telemetry radios,  mobile broadcast equipment, and airborne broadcasting equipment including UAV broadcasting payloads. The photo to the immediate right shows a helicopter crew deploying an EMCEE fly-away transmitter. Our military customers include the Department of Defense, United States Army,  United States Navy, and United States  Marines. EMCEE provides custom design and manufacturing services as well as maintenance contracting for its military customers.

EMCEE has earned the position of Preeminent Provider of broadcast facilities for the current theatre of operations in the Middle East.

EMCEE also provides homeland security solutions utilized by the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA as well as other federal and state law enforcement agencies.

For many years, EMCEE has provided broadcast and communications solutions for state governments. These applications include statewide PBS broadcast coverage plans, networked educational facilities, and combination systems utilizing VHF, UHF, and ITFS microwave as distribution mediums.

Today, EMCEE remains the premier supplier of educational television networks and mobile television systems throughout the world.

For information on our Government & Military product lines or to discuss your federal, state, or local requirements, please contact