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DRP-2000 Digital Regenerative 

The EMCEE DRP-2000 is a sophisticated but low-cost fully featured transport stream processor. RF input supports 8VSB (ATSC A.53), other world outputs (optional). 

X50 Series Software Defined Digital Television Modulator Products 
The X50 Series product line was specifically designed to provide a future proof gateway for digital transmission on all of the world digital TV standards, enabling true flexibility in modulation capabilities.

North AmericaITU-T/J.83B (64/256QAM)
EuropeDVB-C (64QAM) or DVB-T (COFDM) Location Dependent
JapanITU-T/J.83A (64QAM) 
BrazilITU-T/J.83B (64/256QAM) 

For ATSC digital applications, choose our fully ATSC A.53 compliant DRP-1000.  It accepts an ASI or SMPTE 310 input and provides an error free digital transport stream output at an I.F. frequency of 44 MHz.  When used in translator mode it also provides  wide band RF tuning and digital de-modulation.

For MMDS digital video applications, we offer a robust and low-cost  64QAM modulator. For more demanding applications a modulator with Ethernet networking and SNMP is available. All EMCEE broadcast products carry an industry leading 2-Year parts and labor limited warranty. 
Contact EMCEE for details.

The following chart is provided to select the proper digital modulation format for your area.

Multi-Format Analog Modulator
EMCEE's unique multi-format analog modulator supports all world analog transmission formats including NTSC, PAL, & SECAM. Contact factory for details.

NTSC Analog Modulator
​Low-Cost/High Performance NTSC broadcast modulators for VHF, UHF, or MMDS analog broadcast applications. Contact factory for details.



EMCEE supplies a wide selection of modulators for all world analog and digital television formats. 
Our composite output analog modulators are rich with features and provide pristine audio and video baseband modulation for clear and crisp video broadcast pictures.  Ask about  our EMEX1 exciter for high power broadcast application and integration.

modulators & EXCITERS

Broadcast Products

SAK-1000 Versatile Digital Broadcast Processor

The EMCEE SAK100 stands alone in the US Broadcast equipment industry as a versatile digital broadcast transport stream processor. The processor is designed to be the silent partner that allows broadcasters to take virtually any transport stream input signal and convert it to an output signal that is fully integrated into the station’s existing infrastructure.

*Consult factory for additional exciter/modulator products for your location or application