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HSDM Series 1.2 Kilowatt Hi Power Multi-Channel Transmitters

The EMCEE HSDM PowerPlus Series represents the highest evolution in a high power single conversion multi-channel S-Band transmitter. Inherently low distortion minimizes the need for extensive corrective circuitry and provides for excellent performance in high power analog or digital transmission applications.  

HSDM Series Transmitter

The HSD Series represents the highest evolution in a single conversion transmitter. Inherently low distortion minimizes the need for extensive corrective circuitry and provides for excellent performance in high power digital and analog applications. 



  • Peak Output Power 10 Watts - 1.2KW
  • Digital and Analog Compatible
  • Hot Swap Modules
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Web Based Remote Control
  • Fully Modular Construction
  • Power Efficient Design
  • 2-31 Channel Configurations

Simple front panel diagnostics, using color LED indicators, provides an "at a glance" determination of the transmitter status and operating mode.  An embedded HTML remote control system is available for remote monitoring and control of the transmitter, and multi-transmitter sites may be networked using simple 10BASET architecture.

EMCEE HSD Series transmitters are easy to purchase, operate and maintain. Consult the factory for a detailed analysis of multi-channel power per carrier for any modulation mode for any model.

Complete transmission site design and development is available from EMCEE's application engineering group.  System designs can include automatic or manual back-up systems.  Also, a variety of MMDS sub-systems are available. 
Contact EMCEE for details.


The HSDM Series multi-channel transmitters represent the pinnacle in performance and features of an MMDS transmitter.  It's competitive pricing, wide range of available power, and world class technology make it the transmitter of choice for serious MMDS network operators.  It's 20 year design life yields outstanding reliability even in the most challenging environments. High efficiency cooling and military grade construction generate a significant reliability advantage.

Available in modular power output configurations of 10 to over a KW of Peak Power, the HSDM can comfortably deliver a mix of  modulations including analog (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM) as well as 4-256 QAM or OFDM digital modulation schemes.  Soft-Fail amplifier technology means a failed module does not constitute a service outage and the HSDM packs more power into less rack space than any other transmitter. HSDM Series transmitters may be ordered in the 1900 to 2100, 2100-2300, 2500-2700, or 3400-3700 MHz bands.

​Multi-Channel MMDS Transmitters

Available from Wireless Acquisition LLC

 Model #            QAM Average Power  DVB Power           PeakPower          
HSDM-2502.5 Watts1.5 Watts10 Watts
HSDM-125012.5 Watts8 Watts50 Watts
HSDM-250025 Watts15 Watts100 Watts
HSDM-375037.5 Watts20 Watts150 Watts
HSDM-500050 Watts25 Watts200 Watts
HSDM-10000100 Watts50 Watts400 Watts