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  • Low Noise Design
  • 10 to 35 dB Gain
  • Triple Lightning Protection
  • Wideband and Channelized Versions
  • Power Supply Included
  • Ruggedized Outdoor Enclosure

​The typical pre-amplifier input noise figure is 1.5dB and the construction utilizes surface mount technology and the latest GASFET devices for reliable performance over a wide temperature range.  Filter-First models are available that provide a high rejection to unwanted interference.  The rugged waterproof housing yields years of trouble free life.  All PA Series amplifiers include a 24V switch mode power supply with a supply input range of 100-240VAC/50-60Hz.

Antenna systems and installation accessories are also available. 
Contact EMCEE for additional application information and pricing on the PA Series and MSE Series Pre-Amplifiers. 


The EMCEE pre-amplifier family provides a versatile selection of system pre-amplifier options.  Available with gain versions from 10 to 35dB, system engineers can choose the appropriate signal gain for a wide variety of applications including repeater input signal boost, receive antenna signal improvement, and increasing system link range.

Standard frequencies for the pre-amplifiers are:

  • 2100-2300 MHz (31 Channel)
  • 2100-2700 MHz (33 Channel)
  • 2500-2700 MHz (31 Channel)
  • 2572-2614 MHz (MBS Band)

**Custom Frequency Plans Available**

​Mmds pre-amplifiers