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MMDS Receivers

SR-200D Dual Satellite Receiver/Decoder

The EMCEE SR-200D is a sophisticated but low-cost fully featured Dual Satellite Receiver/Decoder and works as a full function multiplexer. 

DRP-2000 Digital Regenerative 

The EMCEE DRP-2000 is a sophisticated but low-cost fully featured transport stream processor. RF input supports 8VSB (ATSC A.53), other world outputs (optional). 

SAK-1000 Versatile Digital Broadcast Processor

The EMCEE SAK100 is designed to be the silent partner that allows broadcasters to take virtually any transport stream input signal and convert it to an output signal that is fully integrated into the station’s existing infrastructure.

Four Antennas of Eight Sector System
​Lima, Peru

Eight Sector Upstream Data Receive System Installation

Lima, OH

Eight Sector Upstream Data Receive System Installation 
Phoenix, AZ


Multi-Sector Redundant Tower Mounted Receiver


  • QPSK and QAM Compatible
  • Indoor Rack Mount Models
  • Outdoor Tower Mount Models
  • Input Pre-Select Filtering
  • Multi-Sector Options
  • System Redundant Options
  • Modular Construction


The USC Series single and multi-channel receivers provide a means for frequency conversion of up-stream carriers in two-way MMDS systems. The receiver output frequencies can be configured for a number of different VHF band outputs and connected directly to CMTS de-modulators.

Redundant and non-redundant tower mounted models are available with either automatic or manual redundancy control.  Receivers are available for the 2.1-2.3, 2.5-2.7, and 3.4-3.7 GHz bands. 

Multi-sector upstream data collection systems are one of our specialties.  EMCEE has deployed more multi-sector MMDS receive systems than any other vendor.  Systems with 8 or more sectors are currently in use throughout the world.  Multi-Sector systems create frequency re-use and generate additional network capacity without requiring more spectrum.

Complete transmit and receive site design and development is available from EMCEE's application engineering group.  System designs can include automatic or manual redundant systems.  Also, a variety of other MMDS sub-systems are available.  Contact the EMCEE factory for details.