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MSE Series High Power



  • Peak Output Power 100mW~1.2KW
  • Digital and Analog Compatible
  • AC or DC Power Supply Inputs
  • Indoor Rack Mount Models
  • Outdoor Weatherized Models
  • For Range Boost or Gap Filling


The MSE Series is the industry standard for outdoor MMDS repeaters.  Available in versions up to 1-25 watts composite power with AGC, it provides a reliable means to extend the coverage or fill gaps in the coverage of MMDS networks. MSE Series repeaters may be ordered in the 1900-2100, 2100-2300, or 2500-2700 MHz bands.  Hundreds of these repeaters are installed throughout the world.  

Higher power outdoor MSE Series repeaters are available with peak power levels up to 200 Watts.  Also available is a very low power 100mW AGC'd system for use with  BRS/EBS  systems.  This FCC Certified unit is filtered to pass the MBS frequencies only.  Wideband versions of this model are also available.

​Multi-channel MMDS Repeaters

For MMDS data network applications, 2-way repeater designs are available in a wide range of power levels. Consult the factory for a detailed analysis of multi-channel power per carrier for any modulation mode for any model.

A wide power range of indoor model repeaters is available using the HSD Series platform as a design basis.

Complete repeater site design and development is available from EMCEE's application engineering group. Also, a variety of MMDS repeater antenna systems are available. 
Contact EMCEE for details.