Broadcast Products

SAK-1000 Versatile Digital Broadcast Processor

The EMCEE SAK100 stands alone in the US Broadcast equipment industry as a versatile digital broadcast transport stream processor. The processor is designed to be the silent partner that allows broadcasters to take virtually any transport stream input signal and convert it to an output signal that is fully integrated into the station’s existing infrastructure.

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Providing 2KW ATSC (5KW analog) per cabinet, transmitter cabinets may be "ganged" together to create many combinations of DTV or analog power configurations. Like all EMCEE transmitters, the Titanium Series can be configured as a DTV or analog transmitter or translator. Contact EMCEE for details.

With it's conservative pricing, the Titanium Series transmitter is perfect for tight budget applications such as:

  • LPTV Broadcast
  • Full Power Back-Up
  • Medium Power Translators
  • DTV Transition


The Titanium Line of medium power UHF transmitters and translators represent the latest in LDMOS based power amplifier efficiency and linearity.  Available in power output options of 250 Watts to 2KW of average power, the Titanium packs a lot of broadcast punch into a small transmitter cabinet.  Using high efficiency amplifiers and a unique high density air cooling system, it produces a large amount of power while consuming low amounts of electrical power.

The Titanium shares the same flexible chassis architecture as our successful LP Series transmitters, featuring hot swap modules, hot swap  power supplies, convenient LED front panel monitoring, and easy serviceability.  The Titanium Series also sports many advanced features as standard equipment.  These features include frequency agility, power scalability, redundant power supplies,  and embedded web based remote control.  A slick Windows(R) XP based touch screen local control is available as well.

Available from Wireless Acquisition LLC

X50 Series Software Defined Digital Television Modulator Products 
The X50 Series product line was specifically designed to provide a future proof gateway for digital transmission on all of the world digital TV standards, enabling true flexibility in modulation capabilities.

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TransView Remote Control
Embedded TCP/IP stack.  Control & monitor GUI provides full transmitter remote control and monitoring using a standard web browser.  No special software required!


DRP-2000 Digital Regenerative 

The EMCEE DRP-2000 is a sophisticated but low-cost fully featured transport stream processor. RF input supports 8VSB (ATSC A.53), other world outputs (optional). 

DTV & Analog LPTV Transmitters
The versatile EMCEE LPU Titanium SeriesTM is the pinnacle of over 45 years of transmitter design experience. The building block construction and triple conversion design makes it the most flexible LPTV transmitter on the market. The latest generation of LDMOS technology and power supply architecture facilitates a very low cost of operation and extremely high reliability. 

​Up to 2kw and Beyond


  • High Reliability
  • Modular Design
  • Analog & Digital Compatible
  • ​Fully Synthesized
  • LDMOS Architecture 250-2000 Watts
  • Ease of Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Versatility
  • Built-in Channel Flexibility