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SAK-1000 Versatile Digital Broadcast Processor

The EMCEE SAK100 stands alone in the US Broadcast equipment industry as a versatile digital broadcast transport stream processor. The processor is designed to be the silent partner that allows broadcasters to take virtually any transport stream input signal and convert it to an output signal that is fully integrated into the station’s existing infrastructure.

*New Product*

DRP-2000 Digital Regenerative 

The EMCEE DRP-2000 is a sophisticated but low-cost fully featured transport stream processor. RF input supports 8VSB (ATSC A.53), other world outputs (optional). 

LPV-10 VLP VHF Transmitters

The LPU-10 is a 1 Watt DTV, 2.5 Watt Analog transmitter. Very low power consumption, excellent for solar powered TX Sites. 

LP Series VHF: LPV 2000 PLUS
The EMCEE LPV Series represents the highest evolution in a low power VHF triple conversion design transmitter or translator using LDMOS technology. Inherently low distortion minimizes the need for extensive corrective circuitry and provides for excellent performance in lower power digital and analog applications.

*Other Configurations Available - Consult Factory

Model #ATSC PowerDVB Power

Analog Peak

Visual Power

LPV-101 Watt.5 Watt2.5 Watts
LPV-10010 Watts5 Watts25 Watts
LPV-30030 Watts15 Watts75 Watts
LPU-50050 Watts25 Watts125 Watts
LPU-75075 Watts38 Watts175 Watts
LPU-1000100 Watts50 Watts250 Watts
LPU-1250125 Watts63 Watts300 Watts
LPU-1500150 Watts75 Watts375 Watts
LPU-1750175 Watts88 Watts550 Watts
LPU-2000200 Watts100 Watts625 Watts


EMCEE's soft-fail amplifier technology means a failed amp doesn't constitute a service outage. In the rare event an amplifier fails, the hot swap chassis provides for an easy, no-fuss replacement. Power output configurations from 1-200 Watts DTV power are available.

The LPV Series power supply design is the most versatile in the industry.  Up to 6 main supplies can be configured in N+1 and N+2 complements.  Power supplies my be configured for single or three phase power, with an input voltage range of 80-260VAC/50-60Hz.  Power supplies can be hot swapped.  Replacing a power supply takes less than 10 seconds...Try that with a competitor's product!

Easy to use color LED front panel monitoring provides "at a glance" status of the transmitter; no confusing front panel displays to scroll through to find the fault or read the status. 
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  • High Reliability
  • Modular Design
  • Analog & Digital Compatible
  • Fully Synthesized
  • Modular Upgradeable Design
  • Minimum Operator Adjustments
  • LDMOS Technology
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Versatility
  • Built-in Channel Agility
  • Power Increases Without Replacement
  • Simplified Operation


The versatile LPV Series transmitter leads the industry in transmitter versatility and design.  Housing up to 8 power amplifier modules and 6 power supply modules, transmitter engineers can configure a multitude of power and reliability combinations.  A very low phase noise synthesizer chain allows across the band agility, with no retuning of amplifiers or other circuits.  Truly broadband amplifier design produces full power without sensitivity to frequency of operation across Band Iand III, and full compatibility with all digital and analog modulation.

low power vhf transmitters