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Model #ATSC PowerDVB Power

Analog Peak

Visual Power

LPV-3000300 Watts150 Watts1000 Watts
LPV-4000400 Watts200 Watts1250 Watts
LPV-5000500 Watts250 Watts1500 Watts
LPV-7500750 Watts375 Watts2500 Watts
LPV-10001000 Watts500 Watts3000 Watts




  • High Reliability
  • Modular Amplifier Design
  • Analog & Digital Compatible
  • Fully Synthesized
  • Modular Power Supply Design
  • Minimum Operator Adjustments
  • Low Power Consumption
  • LDMOS Technology
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Versatility
  • Built-in Channel Agility
  • Plug-In Hot-Swap Replacement
  • Simplified Operation
  • Reduced Cost of Operation

Of course, this transmitter series also shares the same standard features as all EMCEE transmitters...frequency agility, power scalability, hot swap redundant power supplies, and TransView©embedded remote control. All EMCEE VHF and UHF broadcast transmission products carry an industry leading 2-Year parts and labor limited warranty. 
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At medium levels of broadcast power, EMCEE has solutions for up to 1KW ATSC (3 KW Analog) power.  Multiple chassis of LPV transmitters are combined for different power options from 250 Watts to 1KW Average Power or 750 Watts to 3KW peak sync analog.  Using the LPV building blocks, many different RF output power options are available.

All LPV Series transmitters utilize fully modular military grade construction techniques for ultra reliability and dependability.   All modules are formed from aluminum billets which provide solid performance over a wide temperature range.

​The LPV chassis architecture uses a soft-fail multi-amp approach to creating power.  This means  failure of one amp causes an almost undetectable drop in power and no disruption to viewers.  

medium power vhf transmitters

*Coming Soon*

Titanium Series Medium Power VHF Transmitter/Translator